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There is a lot of talk today about Paraguay being the best place in the world to Immigrate to through their Citizenship Program and obtain a Permanent Residency Permit. Having obtained that the door is then opened to obtain a Second Passport. The program requirements are easy to fulfill and you can find those links and others on this page. I can also introduce you to the best immigration attorney in Paraguay.

Paraguay is the most underrated country in South America. It has so much going for it and yet it is off everone's radar. I think that is one of the things that makes it so appealing. Nobody is talking about Paraguay and yet it is going through so many good changes that soon it will be on everyone's watch list. Now is the time to get in on what feels like the fourth floor of a 20 story high rise.

A lot of people know that Paraguay's economy has done real well over the last 7 years. They have had a growth rate of nearly 14% per year. There is a lot of money flowing into it right now that you can see all around you when you are there. It is fast becoming a destination place. Driving around the capitol you see new construction going on everywhere. You pass buy the Mercedes, Audi and Porsche dealers and you know something is happening. You can also spot an occasional Lamborgini driving down the street. All the wonderful new resturants are built very classy and have great food. You not only can see the changes that are happening you will feel it in the air.

Probably the best thing about Paraguay is the freedom that you have. Are you interested in starting a business? Paraguay is one of the easiest places to do that. You will not be bogged down with a bunch of endless bureaucracy and someone telling you that you can't do it here or there or follow all these codes and pay all these fees for your license. The only problem you will have is finding the right spot. Whatever you want to do you can pretty much just go out and do it!

The government is a democratic republic like ours in the United States. Unlike most of the rest of South American governments they are not socialists. The press sometimes does not treat them fairly but the people don't really care. They enjoy their freedoms and seem to have thoughts that are independant from the rest of the Mercosur, preferring to mind their own business in hopes others would do the same. It is very refreshing.

Why Paraguay?

Agriculture: It is Paraguay's largest export. Paraguay has some of the best farmland on the planet. Almost anything will grow there and with it's great year round weather you don't have the concern about getting a big freeze and destroying your crops. It has been said that Paraguay feeds the entire world for one week a year. Soybeans are their largest crop followed by soybean meal and frozen bovine meat. If you enjoy eating meat then you will never go hungry here, that is by far their most popular dish.

Ease of Immigration: One of the nice things is how simple and straight forward it is to get a Permanent Residency Visa. Unlike other countries that you have to make a large financial investment in property, a buisness, prove passive income or actually move there for a year or more before they will grant you one, in Paraguay you can actually recieve your PERMANENT Residency Visa before you move. Yes you will actually have to travel there twice, but what a wonderful experince it will be for you and your family. It is a great feeling to know that you have some place else in the world that you could move to if the world economic system turns to crap.

Food: Do you enjoy going out to eat and having a great meal? Then Paraguay will become your favorite place to visit and live. The resurants for the most part are very clean and new. They serve great food and for a price that you will have to see in order to believe. The most popular resturants are churrascarias. There are so many to choose from and from my own experience they are all great! Sit back and enjoy a pleasant dinner with family and friends at a fraction of the cost compared to the U.S.. Paraguayans love to eat and have a couple beers with dinner. On the weekends one of their favorite pastimes is having a barbeque with friends and family at each others houses. If you like good food and friends you will love Paraguay!

Freedom: As I mentioned above it is one of the freest countries in the world at this time. The government is not overbearing on anything that you want to do. Build a house, start a business, buy property, own a liquor store or even a casino. There are no huge hurdles that you will have to jump over in order to do whatever you can imagine. Just picture this, if you want to get insurance on your car you can, if not no one is going to force you to. If you look out for yourself you will do just fine.

Guns: Yes the United States is not the only country in the world where you can actually own and carry a gun. Paraguay is the second easiest country in the world where you can obtain a gun and a license to carry it. Just a few years ago even a foreigner could walk into a gun store and buy one off the shelf. But now they want you to be a resident. If you are planning on applying for a residency visa then once you recieve that you will not have a problem buying one.

Oil: Paraguay is not known as an oil producer and to be honest at this point in time they are not. But recently oil was discovered in the chaco not too far from Argentina's oil fields. As far as I know production has not started and it could be sometime before it actually does. Considering what has happened with oil prices recently it might be years before they do start to produce but it is nice to know that it is there.

People: Having traveled South America extensively, one of the best qualities are it's people. Paraguay is no exception. The people there are some of the best. They are very friendly and seem eager to help and to get to know you. Even if you don't speak spanish you will still be able to meet people and find out first hand just how wonderful they are. Most everyone there is familiar with the google translator app that can be downloaded onto your google phone. It is very easy to use and will come in very handy on any trip you take any where in the world.

Population: The population of Paraguay is one of the smallest in all of South America. It is the size of California with a small population of only 6.8 million people. Most of the people live in the capitol city of Asuncion. Once outside the capitol, as you can see in the gallery below, the country is sparsely populated. Driving throughout the countryside you can see the beautiful land and realize that compared to some parts of the world overcrowding is not a problem here. The population density is 16:1. Compare that to Ecuador's of 64:1, Brazil 25:1. Chile 24:1, Panama 52:1, Uruguay 20:1, Thailand 133:1, United Kingdom 267:1, or the United States at 35:1. As you can see there is plenty of room for population growth.

Pets: There are a lot of countries out there that are just not pet friendly. Some places you will need to quarantine your pet for 30 days or more. Some places you will need to have your pet chipped. But not in Paraguay. They are definitely pet friendly. You will need to get a rabies shot for your pet within 30 days of travel to Paraguay. Have a reciept and get it translated before you leave the U.S. Then make arrangements with a veterinarian in Paraguay to meet you at the airport on arrival. They will check out your pet and documents and then off you and your best friend go to live happily ever after!

Real Estate: Even though prices have gone up substancially over the last decade, it is still realitivly inexpensive to buy a house or some farmland in Paraguay. You can build a new house for under $37.00 per square foot! Farmland is not super cheap like it used to be but you can still get a great value for your money. Homes in Asuncion vary greatly in price depending on the location. The best parts of the city are pretty expensive but once you spend some time looking around you will be able to see the difference just like any city in the United States.

Residency: To obtain a Residency Permit in Paraguay you will have to physically travel there. Before you travel you will need to get some documents like your birth certificate, marriage and or divorce certificates, an FBI background report and have them Apostilled. Once you arrive you can obtain an entry visa at the airport if you are a US Citizen for $160.00. Then meet with your attorney and proceed with getting all the papers in order to file for your Permanent Residency Visa. If you have a clean FBI report you can plan on a one week trip to get all the legal requirements fulfilled and all your papers filed at the immigration office. It can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months to recieve your Residency Carnet. Then another trip to pick up your carnet and file for your Cedulla. After three years you will be eligible to apply for citizenship which can lead to a second passport. We work with the best Immigration Attorney in Paraguay and he will handle your paperwork with great attention to make sure it is done right the first time. For a more complete list including approximate costs and papers needed just send us an email below and we will be happy to send them to you.

Residency, who can obtain it: One of the biggest questions I get asked is who can obtain residency in Paraguay? Can anyone apply from any country and receive it? Unfortunately the answer to that question is NO. Paraguay has very strict requirements for the way the paper work for residency is handled and filed. Only those people whose citizenship is from a country that has signed the Hague Apostille Convention will obtain residency. If your citizenship or place of birth does NOT come from one of the countries on that list (Africa, Middle East, Mainland China) then it may be impossible for you to obtain residency in Paraguay and I suggest trying somewhere else. Also if you are from Asia or India you will need to obtain an invitation letter before you can get a travel visa. Please contact us about the process and costs. Check out a youtube video here.

Taxes: As a citizen of the United States you are taxed on your global income. That said you are allowed to make $100k outside the country tax free. If you are married that number jumps to $250k. But what about taxes in Paraguay? They have a flat rate of 10% of your income. That is one of the lowest tax rates in the world. Property taxes are also very low. You will pay a larger amount if you live in a city then you will if you lives out on a farm. But the rates are low enough that no one will have to worry about being taxed out of their home.

Water: There is a lot of talk these days about a shortage of water. It seems the world is running out of fresh water. If you lived in Paraguay you would not be concened about it at all. The country sits on what is considered the largest aquifer in the world, the Guarani Aquifer! This could be one of its the most valuable assets in the coming years. The rest of the world may go thursty but Paraguay will not.

Immigration to Paraguay

The opportunites in Paraguay are only limited to your imagination


With the technological advances today it is possible to speak to someone in a foreign country withour learning their language. For instance spanish is spoken in Paraguay but with google translator downloaded to your google phone communication is no longer a barrier.

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If you have a few dollars it is possible to live a life in Paraguay that you could only dream about in the United States. For instance everyone there has a maid. For a few dollars a week you an have a maid come everyday and clean your house and wash your clothes.

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In this ever changing world we live in you will find U.S. citizens living in more places outside the country then ever before. There are expat communities everywhere. It isn't hard to find those like you who have taken the plunge and started a fantastic life abroad!

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If you are looking to hire someone then you will be able to get a lot for your money. The average police officer make around $500.00 per month. That works out to just over $3.00 per hour. You will be able to hire more people to run your business for a lot less then the U.S.

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